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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you have a New Years resolution? I do. I want to thank  my friend Nan for turning me onto Weight Watchers and a few other fantastic health and beauty ideas. I only have 20 lbs. to lose and my first goal is 10 lbs. by spring. 

The thing I really like about weight watchers is the fact that you don't have to totally change your lifestyle. I was meeting a group of great high school friends about once a month for lunch and I'm still able to do that. I usually eat a salad for lunch and most restaurants, like the Cheesecake Factory have a great "Skinny-licious" menu. I personally love their Factory Chopped Salad and I order the lo-cal dressing on the side. 

I'm doing the weight watchers online because it's easy, relatively inexpensive and I have the app. on my iphone. It makes keeping track of my points very convenient.

Kudos to my friend Nan who lost 75 pounds and looks gorgeous. She is a great inspiration to me. Losing the weight helped her get off her BP medication and she does not have to worry about taking diabetes medication.

Give yourself a gift and get healthy this year, whether it be losing weight, getting regular exercise or quitting smoking. And feel free to let us know about it here at the Ladies Salon. Supporting each other is what this blog is all about!


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